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Our Services


Team Cynergy

Cynergy Electric’s leadership has over 100 years of aggregate industry experience. Established in 2002 with a “Modern” foundation; much of our team traces back to Modern Electric. Incorporated in 1961, Modern was merged with Primo Electric in 1999. The Modern team obtained nearly four decades of experience in medium voltage, utility, specialty-millwright/rigging and switchgear projects. The knowledge acquired from Modern is the foundation for Cynergy.

Our people-first focus is exhibited by the commitment and qualifications of our team. Cynergy associates have well over 250 years of aggregate experience with this company, and a diverse, lengthy list of qualifications to boot. Our people define the company, not the other way around. Our ethos is rooted in each of our contributions to the team. We measure success by our ability to provide associates, and by extension, customers, with the tools and environment necessary to consistently execute to the highest standard. Project success stems from the persisting skill, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm that is Cynergy.


General Services

- Design Build
- Power and Lighting Wiring
- Generator Backup and Emergency Systems, Including Generator Paralleling
- UPS, Data Room Systems
- Overhead and Underground Distribution Systems
- Substations, Transformer Install/Replacement
- PCB Removal and Disposal
- Motor Frequency Drives
- Life Safety Systems
- Fire Alarm Systems

Industrial Project Types

Our experience and expertise is targeted towards the following general types of projects in industrial settings:
- Government Facilities
- Process Plants, Including Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
- Landfills
- Utility Substations, Utility Distribution Facilities
- Manufacturing Facilities
- Hospitals, Hospital Campuses and University Campuses

Commercial Project Types

Our team also has experience in commercial projects similar to the following:
- Multi-Story Buildings, Office Buildings, Higher Education Buildings, Government Buildings
- Warehouses
- Maintenance Facilities
- Parking Garages, Parking Lots
- Storage Facilities
- Athletic Facilities


Safety in Cynergy

Workplace safety standards have been revolutionized since Cynergy's inception. Safety prioritization reinforces our associate-first culture, and concurrently serves the individual, team and customer. Project and sustained performance goals are not achievable without a foundational embrace of safety.


Cynergy's superior safety standards are evidenced by our dedicated, OSHA 510 certified safety management, combined with routine associate safety education offerings (both mandatory and voluntary). Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is consistently favorable to the industry average, and is available upon request.

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