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Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant


City of Baltimore

Back River Water Treatment Plant

Methane Cogeneration Plant

Eastern Boulevard

Baltimore, MD

General Contractor: Curtis Power Solutions LLC (Formerly - Curtis Engine and Equipment, Inc.)

3915 Benson Ave

Baltimore, MD 21227

The project included construction of several new buildings and an equipment yard for the installation of four (one future) 1,000 KW, 4160 volt methane powered generators, 4.16KV paralleling switchgear, 5,000KVA step up transformer 4.16KV-35KV volt, 35KV pad-mounted switchgear and connection to the facilities existing 35KV loop feeders. Also included was the installation of one 480 volt motor control center, fire alarm system, SCADA monitoring system, methane detection system, lighting fixtures, fence grounding, a 500KVA 4.16KV-480 volt station service transformer and various relays and protective devices at the BGE utility substation.

The installation will provide sufficient generator capacity to provide back-up power for the entire facility including steam, hot water and electricity. To accomplish this we had to install steam generators, hot water heat exchangers, various pumps, controls and electrical wiring to parasitic equipment in support of the design.

The nature of the facility required a high level of security. Phased outages were required for the installation of the new 35KV cables to the existing facility loop feeders. We provided coordination with BGE; the local utility, for the installation of paralleling controls and protective devices on the existing 35KV substation breakers.

Miscellaneous installation items included; fiber optic cable, gas compressors, supply fans, exhaust fans, remote radiators, gas conditioning skids, low voltage circuits to the parasitic equipment in support of the generators, pump starters, variable frequency drives, control circuits, etc.

Commissioning and field testing was a large component in the project. Testing was performed on each generator and the generator system as a whole to demonstrate paralleling capabilities. Third party testing was provided for all medium voltage equipment, generators and cables. Factory field services were provided for the generators, switchgear and transformers. Hands on training, classroom training and operation and maintenance manuals were provided for all operational systems.

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