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DGS Data Center - Annapolis, Maryland


Department of General Services

29 Saint Johns Street

Annapolis, MD 21401

General Contractor: Curtis Power Solutions

3915 Benson Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21227

Cynergy performed a contract for Curtis Power Solutions to replace an existing generator at the Department of General Services Data Center in Annapolis, Maryland.

The project improved the effectiveness and reliability of the DGS Data Center Emergency system. The project comprised of replacing the existing 1100KW diesel generator, which used a remote radiator and remote fuel cooling system. The new 1100KW diesel generator was designed using a unit mounted radiator and radiator mounted fuel oil cooler. The new system greatly improved the reliability of the emergency system and was more cost-effective in design and operation. The design-build of the new generator and accessories were all done using Cynergy’s in-house design team. Field surveys, design considerations, drawings and submittals were provided to the customer for approval. Due to the existing generator being inoperative a temporary generator was provided and connected to the emergency transfer switch prior to commencement of construction. Major elements of demolition work included the existing generator, remote radiator and piping, exhaust silencer, fuel piping, fuel day tank, exhaust fans, exhaust louver, fuel oil cooler and associated electrical equipment, conduits, and wire. Furnishing and installing a new 1100KW diesel generator with a unit mounted radiator, 400-gallon diesel day tank, fuel oil piping, exhaust louver, exhaust silencer, exhaust back draft damper, exhaust duct work, remote stop switch, remote annunciator, associated electrical equipment, conduits, and wire. The contract also included mechanical and sheet metal work consisting of; sheet metal exhaust plenum, sheet metal access doors, exhaust piping, exhaust insulation, and rigging all equipment.

Principle features of the project included:

· 1100KW diesel 480-volt generator

· Remote annunciator panel

· 400-gallon day tank for each generator

· Main circuit breaker

· Vibration isolators skid mounted

· Custom exterior exhaust louver

· Remote stop switch

The facility had to remain operational 24/7 during construction. All service outages had to be limited to off hours coordinated and approved by the owner. A detailed construction sequence was developed and had to be approved by the owner before any outage could begin. Before the removal and replacement of the generator a temporary generator had to be connected to the emergency system. The temporary generator and existing transfer switch were commissioned and placed into operation prior to the generator replacement sequence.

Logistics of the project were difficult at best. The building’s occupants serve the Anne Arundel County Government Operations, so no outages were allowed. The generator room was located on the basement level one story below ground. The new generator weighed 32,000 lbs. and a large crane was used to make the lift through an exterior areaway and Cynergy’s team of master riggers performed all the rigging operations. Before the generator could be rigged from the room a traffic control plan had to be approved by the City of Annapolis.

After the temporary generator was installed and the existing generator was removed only then could the work begin to transform the generator room from a remote radiator to a unit mounted radiator design. A new metal exterior wall louver was installed in an existing exhaust fan opening. The existing generator used a remote radiator for cooling so existing radiator piping had to be removed. New exhaust mounted gravity dampers were installed, connecting an exterior discharge louver, with a discharge plenum and vibration isolation were used for the new cooling system. The existing 50-gallon day tank which was too small for the new generator. New 400-gallon day tank with supply/return pumps were installed. New fuel piping was installed for the supply, return, normal and emergency vents.

Miscellaneous installation items included grounding system, supports for mechanical piping, supports for the new exhaust silencer, control circuits, and connecting the existing emergency transfer switch to the new unit mounted main breaker. Factory field services were provided for the generator, transfer switch and control systems. Hands on training and operation and maintenance manuals were provided for all operational systems.

Providing, construction scheduling, quality control, safety and security were important elements of the entire project. Cynergy used Procore™ project management software to help manage the project.

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