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Walter Reed Medical Center P114 Addition/Alteration


Walter Reed Medical Center

8901 Rockville Pike

Bethesda, MD 20889

General Contractor: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

6305 Ivy Lane Suite 800

Washington, DC 20770

Cynergy was awarded a $4,820,042 contract from the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company for the Walter Reed Medical Center Addition and Alteration project located in Bethesda Maryland.

The project consisted of three phases. Phase 1A entailed new construction of a pedestrian tunnel in order to provide a below grade access route between multiple existing buildings. This tunnel now provides safe passage for patients, staff and materials. Phase 1B consisted of the new emergency electric generator system that was installed in an existing and operational parking garage. The new generator systems were vital in improving the effectiveness and reliability of the Government Emergency and Standby Power Infrastructure. The final phase of the project, 1C, was the construction of a new one-story base communication building. Cynergy’s scope included furnishing and installing all medium voltage equipment and a complete power distribution system, including but not limited to, transformers, switchgears, panel boards, Power Distribution Unit (PDU’s), (Uninterruptable Power Supply) UPS, and Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). The project was completed in three phases in order to allow the hospital to remain fully operational during construction. The project required all outages to be performed during work hours that would not interfere with the building occupants. There were complex rigging requirements to coordinate the delivery of the two new generator systems and paralleling switchgear into the parking garage via a crane.

Principle features of the project were as follows:

  • Install 2 - 1500KW diesel generators 480Y277V with a 3200-amp pad-mounted docking station

  • Install a 6000-amp 480-volt paralleling switchgear

  • Provide 3 – 480V automatic transfer switches: 800-amp & 225-amp

  • Provide a 15kV, 1200A MV Master Clad switchgear

  • Provide 3 - 1600A, 480/277V Draw out Low-Voltage (LV) Switchgear line-ups

  • Provide 3 runs of 4000-amp and 800-amp 480/277V busway from the paralleling switchgear within Bldg. 55 to the Communications Building.

  • Provide a MV 500kVA, 480/277V Pad mount Transformer and a 30kVA and a 75kVA LV Dry-Type Transformer

  • Provide a 300kVA/270kW, 480V Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and battery cabinets

  • Provide 4 - 75KVA Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with 225A main breakers

  • Provide 10 – 30-amp combination full voltage motor starter/disconnects

  • Install 10 new 480-volt panel boards ranging from 225-amp to 600-amp

  • Provide and set 4 – electrical manhole/vault collars, frames and covers

  • Provide underground electrical distribution via 15kV cable within duct banks in between the new 480/277V transformers, the LV-Switchgear line-up, and the load bank docking system.

  • Provide and install several sets of stainless steel 277V LED Illuminated handrails and various other site lighting including bollards and streetlamp poles

  • Furnish and install all surface mounted and lay-in light fixtures and associated controls.

  • Furnish & install a complete Interior Fire Alarm and Mass Notification System for all three project phases

  • Provide a 480Y/277V mineral insulated snow melting system

  • Provide a lighting protection system.

  • Provide telecom and security rough-ins and pathways, including cable tray, metal raceways, and conduit.

  • Power to all dampers, exhaust fans, and mechanical equipment motors

Commissioning and field testing were a large component in the project. Testing/start-up services were performed on each piece of equipment and the generator systems to demonstrate capabilities. Factory field services were provided for the hands on/classroom training, and operation and maintenance manuals were provided for all operational systems. Spare Parts and As-Built drawings were also provided at the closure of the project. The project was successfully completed in March of 2021 at this world-class medical facility.

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